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How to reach the Grand Pacey?

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Of course the mount St Michel and his abbey, the coasts Normans while going up on Granville and coasts Breton while going on St Malo(quoted corsair). Ainsi that many castles and other churches of several centuries.
We have a very beautiful thermal spa at one hour of road for Paris which is Bagnoles of the flowering ash.
For the people who devote themselves to walk or the bicycle there is only the embarrassment of the choice; many way along the Lake Vezins and as well as a nautical base with five kilometers.
We make a point of specifying that we are located meadows of Sélune, one of the first rivers saumoneuse of France.
And for the people who wish it we will be able to explain you how we work and produce products of quality.

Plans obtained from the Ismap.com website :

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